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20 Ways to Use the Hanging Travel Organizer

Posted by Adele Poudrier on

We know how much you love a good multi-purpose bag. It feels like such an accomplishment when you manage to use the same backpack for hiking, traveling and commuting to work. We love hearing all of the unique ways you use our bags, often which inspires our very own team to look at our products in new and innovative ways. Last year we rounded up all of the ways to use our Iconic Ditty Bag (50 of them to be exact!), but today we’re focusing on another beloved travel favorite: the Hanging Travel Organizer.

Our hanging organizer has long been a fan-favorite, which led us to expand this singular style into a franchise of three different styles across multiple fabrications. You can now choose between the compact, original and grand hanging organizers for your different types of trips. But like with any other versatile travel accessory, we recognize that this style is great for more than just your weekend road trip.

We scanned through hundreds of customer comments and asked our own associates the best uses for the Hanging Organizer. Here are our top 20 ways to use this iconic travel organizer.


20 ways to use the hanging travel organizer


for organization ... 

01 Store your make-up

02 Organize your hair accessories

03 Double as a manicure kit with your nailcare essentials

04 Tidy your closet by tucking away small accessories



05 Keep your sewing supplies in one place

06 Tote your beach day essentials

07 Hold your spa necessities including face masks, waxing stripes, scrubs and more

08 Use for your skincare regimen from cleanser to moisturizer



for school ...

09 Utilize as an ultimate pencil case for your protractor, calculator, highlighters and erasers

10 Pack your post-gym class toiletries

11 Store art supplies including paint brushes, crayons, markers and more

for travel ... 

12 Put in your plane essentials like earbuds and snacks

13 Organize your travel toiletries

14 Separate your shower necessities

15 Give your pup his own travel bag with doggy bags, treats and an extra leash

16 Pack your baby’s essentials separately from your own


for just about anything and everything ... 

17 Utilize for gift-wrapping supplies

18 Use as a to-go first-aid kit

19 Stash important vehicle documents and car emergency items (i.e. flashlight, spare charger)

20 Make a bridal emergency kit for the wedding day


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How do you use your hanging organizer? Do you use any travel accessories or bags in a unique way? We’d love to hear! Share in the comments below.