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Behind the Magic: Meet the Superfans Who Brought our NEW Harry Potter™ Collection to Life

Posted by Ava Kuhn on

Our latest Harry Potter x Vera Bradley collaboration just dropped, and it's so, so good! We're talking ALL the magic — the Whomping Willow™, Hedwig™, Buckbeak™, Fang™ and more — packed into one fantastical new pattern, Forbidden Forest. If you haven't already, go shop NEW Forbidden Forest and secure your favorites. It's okay, we'll wait (we know how important Harry Potter shopping is!)

So back to this insider peek ... we get SO excited for a new Harry Potter x Vera Bradley release — after all, we're all huge Harry Potter fans, too (there is a lot of squealing around the office whenever we get that first glimpse of a new pattern in the making). We love our 
Harry Potter backpacks and Harry Potter bags! The biggest HP fan here at VB HQ, though, might just be our Social Media Specialist, Sabrina, who had a really fun idea for our latest photo shoot: to cast real superfans (like you) as our models.

We knew for such a special launch, we needed a special location to capture our imagery. After hunting for a forest that would feel true to this print, we were all enchanted by the majestic redwoods of Woodside, California. There we met up with our models, where we had the most magical conversations about growing up with the series and (of course!) our Hogwarts™ houses and patronuses.

Gina came to us from Florida, where she lives with her dog, Ollivander. She has been blogging for almost 10 years about all things travel and theme parks. 
"When I was younger, I so wanted to be part of the magical world of Harry Potter. I adore how love and friendship shine in every scene."

Jen is a mom of two young girls from Southern California. She shares all things pop culture on her blog and has a blast creating fun content for lots of different fandoms.
"Yes! The best thing about Harry Potter is that the stories revolve around friendship. I love how the characters find courage to do things with the support of their friends."

Victoria is a California native and mom to Lily. She and her husband even had a Harry Potter themed wedding! She shares all things Harry Potter and fiction on her Instagram and YouTube.
"I first got into Harry Potter when I was 13 years old! Like Gina, my favorite thing about Harry Potter is all of the friendship bonds — it's so very special."

We loved meeting our new Harry Potter friends and hope you will follow them in the coming days and weeks as they continue to show off our super-special new collection.
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