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Five Fun Holiday Activities You and Your Teen Will Love

Posted by Ava Kuhn on

The holidays are such a special time of year for families. From bringing out keepsake ornaments to baking favorite sweet treats, we love all of the opportunities to celebrate traditions both old and new.

All the merry must-dos seem to become even more meaningful as kids grow older. The holidays, after all, seem to have a way of bringing out the kid-at-heart of pre-teens, teens and college students alike. 

Looking for ways to connect to your teen with some new holiday activities this year? We're sharing five fun ideas to make the most of the holiday season with older kids. For more tips and tricks on how to make the most of the holiday season, explore our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

1. Celebrate the Start of the Season

Deck the halls with a little help from everyone who makes this time of the year even more magical. Plan around your teen's school or college schedule so they can be part of the fun! Loved ones of any age will enjoy decorating the tree while watching holiday movies or listening to carols. Spruce up her room with everything from tinsel to twinkle lights. Be sure to end the day by bringing out the marshmallows and enjoying time spent by the fire!

2. Host a Holiday Dinner

From capping off a cozy day spent indoors to celebrating the end of a busy week buying gifts, there's nothing quite as festive as a fun dinner. Have them lend a hand! Inviting friends and family over is such a treat, whether your hosting style is a planned potluck, multiple-course meal or simply baking some cookies to share. As you plan the menu with your teen, think beyond candy canes and gingerbread to recipes that celebrate all things in season. Find favorite family recipes to recreate, like those tried-and-true dinner rolls or the slow-cooker soup that warms up any chilly weekend. Putting together a salad with in-season produce helps utilize all sorts of colorful vegetables to brighten your table. And at the end of the day, it's all about spending time with one another and giving everyone a way to help out. 

3. Enjoy Local Events

There’s no place like home for the holidays! A bit of research on city event schedules can lead you to the best opportunities to get in the spirit. Some of our favorite family attractions to look out for include:

•   Pop-up markets to pick up stocking stuffers
•   Seasonal concerts to spread cheer
•   Holiday-themed fitness classes to beat any cabin fever
•   Indoor or outdoor ice rinks to showcase your skating skills
•   Tree farms to select the perfect pine
•   Drives around town to see all of the twinkling lights

      4. Celebrate the Season of Giving

      Extend giving to go beyond one day — make it the whole theme for this time of the year! There are dozens of ways to donate or volunteer with your teen, from local organizations to national charities. Encourage them to seek opportunities to ease someone's everyday routine, from paying it forward in the morning coffee line to helping your neighbor with their sidewalk when the weather takes a turn. Small secret Santa swaps with friends are another way to give all month long.

      5. Find the Festive in Every Day

      Not only are there so many activities that make this month merry and bright, there are also plenty of opportunities to bring more joy to your day-to-day routines as well! Take a cue from holiday advent calendars and gift with the little things: A mug of homemade hot cocoa, a pair of cozy socks or even a funny favorite sweater are all ways to remind your teen that this truly is the happiest season of all.