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Our Merry Makers' Top Gift Picks for Bright Friday

Posted by Ava Kuhn on

Our favorite time of year has finally arrived, and we can't wait to spread all the cheer! Our holiday shopping goes into overdrive this week as we start to stock up on ALL the best gifts during our Bright Friday event. There are so many fun and festive styles to choose from this year — we decided to ask around at VB HQ and find out just which picks are topping lists!

Meet the Merry Makers telling us which gifts they're buying during Bright Friday. Along with their favorite choices, read on for tips, tricks and tons of help on what to get everyone you're shopping for this season. All that's left to do is tie it up with a bow ... luckily, we have wrapping paper covered, too!

Tiffany's Gift Pick: A Zip ID Case

For: Girlfriends
Why You Love It: It's a great way to give a gift card OR use as a gift tag because it gives them a little something extra!

Tiffany's Gift Pick: A Mug

For: Family
Why You Love It: Who doesn’t love a fun patterned coffee mug in the winter? I use it to create a gift basket that is coffee or hot cocoa themed.

Tiffany's Gift Pick: A Throw Blanket

For: Girlfriends
Why You Love It: No words can describe how amazing these are — so soft!

Best Bright Friday Shopping Tip: Buy extra stocking stuffers! You never know when you'll need a little something for last-minute gift swaps and holiday parties. 

Rachel's Gift Pick: A Tree Skirt

For: Mom
Why You Love It: My mom has been collecting VB ornaments since I started working at Vera Bradley! The new plaid tree skirt will go with all of them ... should I get one for myself, too?

Rachel's Gift Pick: A Peanuts® Dish Towel Set

For: Mothers-in-Law
Why You Love It: Fact: Mothers-in-law love dish towels! 

Rachel's Gift Pick: A Quilted Stocking (With Embroidery!)

For: Friend 
Why You Love It: My BFF just had a little girl! I’m going to send her an early first Christmas gift of a personalized stocking (with some stuff for mom inside!).

Best Bright Friday Shopping Tip: Shop early so you can add personalization!


Renee's Gift Pick: A Cozy Life Jacquard Throw Blanket

For: Everyone (Including myself!)
Why You Love It: With everyone staying home more, this is the perfect gift for those movie nights all winter long.


Kim's Gift Pick: A Cord Organizer

For: Friend
Why You Love It: A lot of my friends work from home and this simple organizer makes a very thoughtful, useful present.

Kim's Gift Pick: A Throw Blanket

For: Everyone!
Why You Love It: I like to keep life cozy, and I think a lot of times we are too busy to get ourselves the little things!

Molly's Gift Pick: A Family Sleep Set

For: Mom
Why You Love It: My mom and I always give each other PJ sets on Christmas Eve so we look cute on Christmas morning! These ones are very nostalgic of Christmases from both of our childhoods. Now we can match!

Molly's Gift Pick: A Travel Sleep Set

For: Friends, strangers — ANYONE, honestly!

Why You Love It: I love a silky pillow case and scrunchie because it is so good for your hair. It also includes an eye mask and comes in a cute little bag you can use it for so many different things!