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Over the River and Through the Woods: The Best Luggage for Travel This Season

Posted by Ava Kuhn on

Let's make traveling this holiday season so much easier! Your trip home or your adventure away should be all-around exciting — the getting there included. By car, plane or sleigh, we have every travel style you need to fully enjoy the journey.

Recently, our Rolling Luggage received some amazing upgrades. Meet the pieces you'll want to pack up again and again! We asked Shelby, one of our product developers, just what went into the luggage redesign.  

We're so excited to start traveling again! After lockdowns and restrictions, getting the chance to venture out is going to be so special. The landscape's a lot different than it was a few years ago — why was it important to update our luggage?

Shelby: We are inspired to always meet the evolving needs of travelers and come up with thoughtful solutions. Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought change to almost every aspect of life ... especially the way we travel. During the long days of lockdown we had the opportunity to really rethink our luggage. Though we all had to take a hiatus from vacations, we were busy dreaming up how to make them even better! 

What's your favorite new feature of our luggage?

Shelby: We included a lot of must-have updates, like a zip-out lining that's fully washable for easy cleaning and safe traveling. Another amazing feature is a new and improved TSA-compliant lock on our Hardside Small Spinner. This gadget was already pretty phenomenal — securely allowing luggage to be unlocked and inspected by airport authorities without damage — and now it has a USB port!

How does the USB port make traveling so much easier?

Shelby: From airports to car trips to anywhere else your trip takes you, the USB port in the TSA-compliant lock is a game changer. I always travel with our carry-on compliant, smaller-sized rolling bags, and this little feature makes busy days and ETAs exponentially easier! All of my devices are kept charged and ready for my next flight. There's a charging pocket located inside of the luggage for my portable power pack. From there, I can connect ANY of my USB chargers to power from the exterior of the bag. I can always count on my wireless earbuds for listening to favorite music and podcasts, my iPad for relaxing with a new book and my phone for keeping in touch throughout my journey — ALL thanks to this new feature. Staying connected (and entertained!) is the best.

The updated luggage is so good! What are some of you favorite travel accessories to help organize packing?

Shelby: I always make sure that I have a few key travel accessories packed in my spinner! A Curling & Flat Iron Cover is a must because it allows my irons to be packed safely, even when they’re still warm ... which is perfect if you’re like me and always finish your hair mere minutes before it's time to go! I especially love the cover featured in Performance Twill because it has a front zip pocket where I can stash bobby pins, hair ties, combs and my heat-resistant glove.

My second have-to-have style is the Grand Vanity Case. It's so great for all of my fellow makeup and skincare enthusiasts! There's a pocket or compartment to organize EVERYTHING. Various brushes, palettes, tubes and serums fit just right! I love the organization it provides and that all of my essentials are safe and secure. The mesh overlay really keeps things in place. The icing on the cake? This case is so easy to bring along. You can stash it perfectly into the Hardside Small Spinner Luggage, or slip it over the telescoping handle via a trolley sleeve. It truly makes travel days a breeze.

We have a color or print for everyone! What's your personal style: solid luggage or patterned pieces?

Shelby: While I'm generally a solids girl, this is the one case where I'm on team print! Rolling luggage is one thing I want to stand out and be easily noticed amongst the hustle and bustle of travel. I consider the vibrant prints an added feature: they make your bag easy to locate ... and help hide some of the scuffs that you inevitably acquire over time. It's a win-win.

What do you love most about this update?

Shelby: We’re so excited to launch our new and improved luggage as people ease themselves back into travel. We hope that the updated features and beautiful prints help to get people excited about heading out again!


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