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20 Ways to Use a Hanging Travel Organizer

Posted by Ava Kuhn on

Is there anything more helpful than a multi-purpose bag? For almost 20 years, our tried-and-true Hanging Travel Organizer has made it so much easier to make the most of each day. We now have a whole collection of hanging organizers in an array of silhouettes and fabrications with so many innovative applications.

We can't imagine taking a trip without this must-have accessory. Its space-saving design includes a clever hook that immediately makes the most of hotel stays and holiday visits to family. From keeping track of things on road trips to securing everything you need in the airport, its uses are never-ending.

Don't be deceived by "travel" in the name — this organizer does it all, all the time! Toting essentials to the gym, organizing desk accessories in a dorm room, holding art supplies at home ... well, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Discover these 20 ways to use our Hanging Travel Organizer!

P.S. If you have your own method, please let us know. We're always looking to add more ways to the list.

1. Pack your post-gym toiletries 
2. Take along on a camping trip (there are so many spots for granola bars, sunglasses or other hiking must-haves)
3. Make a bridal emergency kit for a wedding day
4. Bring every need for baby, from bottles to extra outfits
5. Utilize as a pencil (plus protractor, calculator and highlighter) case for school
6. Hold everything you need for an at-home spa day
7. Categorize art supplies 
8. Put in your plane essentials
9. Separate your shower necessities while traveling
10. Take along everything you need for your pet (imagine having everything your dog or cat needs, from doggy bags to treats to an extra leash, all organized!)

11. Store your makeup (clear pockets mean getting ready is a breeze) 
12. Organize your hair accessories 
13. Keep all of your skincare in one spot
14. Clean up your closet and hold every accessory 
15. Stow sewing supplies
16. Tote your beach-day essentials (sunscreen, goggles, snacks, etc.)
17. Create a gift-wrapping station full of supplies
18. Stay safe with an on-the-go first-aid kit
19. Stash important vehicle documents and emergency car items (like a flashlight or spare charger)
20. Have cleaning products in one spot in a dorm room or apartment