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Choosing a Diaper Bag: Backpacks vs. Totes

Posted by Katharine Guidotti on

Being a parent comes with a lot of responsibilities. 

While there are lots of different classes, books and advice from family and friends about the main challenges and duties, many important little things often get overlooked. 

Although it may not seem that important, choosing a dependable diaper bag really is vital if you think about it. You need to find a bag that not only holds a hefty supply of diapers (you’ll be shocked how many you may need for a quick trip to the grocery store), but also accommodates all of your other necessities like bottles, a change of clothes, toys, snacks and so much more! 

So what is the best diaper bag?

We’ve found that tote bags and backpacks are excellent, multipurpose, go-to solutions for new parents. 

Below, we’ll highlight the key benefits of using tote bags and backpacks for your everyday diaper bag and showcase some of our bestsellers that fill this role.

Tote Bags Make Great Diaper Bags 

When choosing a go-to diaper bag you can’t go wrong with a tote! 

They’re a popular choice for this job — and for good reason. Their roomy interiors provide ample space for all your baby’s everyday essentials. And a good tote outfitted with various exterior and interior pockets can also accommodate your necessities like keys, phones, and wallet. 

Thanks to their fairly simple design, tote bags make it easier for parents to find exactly what they need in no time — a vital perk when your baby needs a diaper change, a bottle or a toy ASAP! With totes, you don’t have to waste precious time routing through the bag trying to find what you need. You can locate and retrieve it immediately. 

Another big win for tote bags is that you can still rely on them even when you no longer need them as a diaper bag. Once your baby is potty trained, you can recruit your tote for work, travel or everyday use. 

 Backpacks Are Ideal Diaper Bags 

If tote bags are ideal diaper bags, then why would you need a backpack? 

Well, one of the biggest benefits of using a backpack as a diaper bag is that it provides hands-free carrying. A backpack allows you to carry all your baby’s essentials while leaving your hands free to perform various parental duties. This is especially helpful when pushing a stroller, changing or carrying your baby or corralling toddlers. 

Additionally, backpacks offer lots of storage space and organization options for your belongings. Keep diapers and clean clothes in the roomy main compartment. Store snacks safely in a separate zippered compartment. Use side pockets for water and baby bottles for quick retrieval. Securely store your keys, phone and wallet in zippered exterior pockets for easy access. 

One tiny drawback with backpacks is that, since they have so many pockets, parents may require a little more time to locate the particle item you need. However, after the first few trips outside the home, you’ll be a pro at finding and grabbing exactly what you need in seconds! 

Now that you know why these two options are ideal alternatives for standard diaper bags, let’s showcase a few of our most popular picks! 

The “Can-Do” Classic 

Vera Tote Bag in Enchanted Mandala

There are so many reasons our classic tote remains a bestseller: Its signature style, wide selection of complementary colors and fashionable prints, and well-made construction are just a few. 

Perhaps the biggest reason so many chose the Vera Tote is its versatility. From work to play to every day, it serves plenty of purposes, including a diaper bag. 

Its considerable size and multiple pockets make it the perfect choice for carrying everything you and your baby need when you’re out and about. A roomy interior ensures that you can easily pack diapers, wipes, a change of clothes and more. Additional interior slip pockets are sized right for bottles, snacks, toys and more. Exterior zippered and slip pockets let you store your keys, phone and wallet. 

Plus, the vera tote features padded straps with a 12” drop for long-lasting comfort. 

A Lightweight Backpack For Heavy-Duty 

Prefer a backpack to a tote? If so, our Featherweight Backpack is a smart choice for your diaper bag needs! 

Featherweight Backpack in Sand Paisley

As its name suggests, this backpack is incredibly lightweight so it's easy to carry around all day. Multiple pockets supply ample storage options for you and your baby’s supplies.

Its durable constructionThe purpose would be to introduce all the different fabrics to a user and water-repellent material allow you to use it in all kinds of weather, while a super-squishy design lets you easily store it in your closet, cabinet drawer or carry-on bag when you’re traveling. 

Finish with ogee quilting for elevated style not found in most diaper bags! 

The Best Of Both Bags 

What happens when you combine the most fashionable and functional features of our Vera Tote and Featherweight Backpack? You get the Featherweight Tote Bag!

Featherweight Tote Bag in Rose Quartz

Featuring the same water-repellant and packable lightweight material as our Featherweight Backpack, this top-notch tote then adds a roomy zippered interior and multiple slip and zip pockets to offer the same versatility as our Vera Tote. 

When you’re torn between choosing a tote or backpack for your diaper bag needs, this option is an agreeable alternative! 

Time To Find Your Ideal Diaper Bag 

Clearly, tote bags and backpacks offer more substance, style and versatility than the average diaper bag.

While each option offers their own unique benefits, deciding which one is right for you comes down to personal preference. 

The great news is that you’re not limited to the three bag choices above. Vera Bradley offers an array of fashionable and functional bags that make great alternatives to conventional diaper bags. 

Browse our complete selection of bags today to find the one that you like best!