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Great Accessories For Your New Year Nutrition Goals

Posted by Katharine Guidotti on

This is it! This is the year you’re going to start cooking more nutritious and delicious meals.

Yet, there are lots of obstacles in your way. Every hour of the weekday is accounted for between your own workload and your kids’ schedules. The weekends aren’t much better thanks to activities, errands and other responsibilities you can’t get to during the week.

Are you and your family destined to subsist on takeout or instant mac and cheese?

The answer is “no.”

You can still achieve your new year nutrition goals as long as you have the right tools. Below we’ll highlight some of our best accessories to help with your family meal planning and healthy eating habits!

Start With a Plan

Identifying the objective is the best way to achieve a more favorable outcome. That’s why you’ve decided to eat healthier this year. However, you may not hit your goal if you don’t have a plan.

Successfully achieve your nutrition ambitions with these perfect meal-planning accessories:

Meal Planner With Magnet

Vera Bradley meal planner notepad with paisley pattern

Just like your calendar keeps you on schedule each day, this handy meal planner notepad lets you arrange weekly meals to help you stay on track.

Each of its 50 sheets features large, dedicated spaces where you can write down that day’s delicious and nutritious agenda.

Plus, there’s a perforated shopping list section to jot down the various ingredients you’ll need to pick up. When you’re ready for a grocery store run, you can easily tear off the list while leaving your meal plan intact.

Best of all, each meal planner pad features a magnetic backing that easily attaches to the fridge for your convenience.

Pen Cup And Notepad Set

Vera Bradley pen and notepad set in black and white pattern

There are a few things your friends at work love to share with you: pictures of their family (or pets) and recipes.

Next time you get a hot tip on a healthy meal, simply reach for this convenient pen cup and notepad set.

Each set includes a patterned notepad with 50 lined sheets, a gel pen and a matching holder that adds a decorative touch to your workspace.

A wonderful way to record new recipes, this desk accessory is also ideal for jotting down the ingredients you’ll need to pick up on your way home.

Turn Your Plan Into Delicious Meals

You have the tools to plan your meals, now you need recipes.

In the past, you may have jotted down recipe ideas on scraps of paper, ripped them right out of a magazine and then stored them in a random drawer.

But when you need them, you can’t find them.

That’s ok. You can start from scratch by using these kitchen accessories to help you stay organized!

Desk Organizer

Gray and white desk organizer box with compartments

Whether it’s the can’t-miss chicken noodle soup that’s been in your family for ages or a new salmon dish you saw online, you need a place to store your favorite recipes.

Adorned with a lovely lace pattern, this desk organizer is outfitted with different-sized sections that can hold everything from recipe cards to printouts from your favorite food blogs. Keep a pen handy so you can make notes as you go.

Its compact design makes it easy to store on your kitchen countertop for easy recipe retrieval.

Recipe Card Holder

wooden recipe card holder with floral printed recipe card

Trying to follow the directions is difficult when you’re reading from a card lying flat on your countertop. It’s easy to skip a step or miss an ingredient when you can’t see the recipe clearly.

Now you can easily read and follow along with this recipe card holder.

Simply fill the wooden stand with your “go-to” recipes. When it’s time to cook, move your desired dish to the front so you can easily retrieve the necessary ingredients, carry out the exact measurements, and follow each step accordingly to ensure a tasty meal every time.

In addition to the sturdy wood stand, each set also features 40 beautifully decorated lined recipe cards.

Keep Track Of Your Accomplishments

Another way to accomplish your nutrition goals is to measure and track your progress.

These accessories are just what you need!

Weekly Planner Folio

Weekly planner notebook with navy and pink floral pattern cover

Eating healthier, more nutritious meals is tough when you have a full schedule. And some days, you just need a meal that’s comforting and satisfying.

That’s ok!

Along with meal planning, food journaling can help keep you on the right track. This weekly planner folio features plenty of space to write notes about meals and snacks each day so you can easily assess your progress. Plus, you’ll love seeing this stylish planner on your desk or in your tote bag!

Each folio also includes a helpful “To-Do” list notepad and an array of sticky notes and flags to help you remember when to drink more water or to step away from your desk for a mind-clearing walk.

Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pen with floral Vera Bradley pattern print

You can’t keep an up-to-date journal without a reliable pen!

Available in a selection of beautiful patterns, this click-style black ink pen is the perfect complement to our planner folio, recipe cards, and notepads.

Reach Your Nutrition Goals

As you can see, eating healthier is easier when you plan your meals, find the right recipes and track your progress. These family meal-planning accessories can truly help you reach your goals!