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New Year, New Moves

Posted by Ava Kuhn on

New year's resolutions are nothing, well, new — checking in with yourself and setting intentions is a great start to your next chapter. This year, making a plan to protect and strengthen your health is absolutely top of mind. Staying active can have all sorts of positive impacts, from boosting your mood to improving the quality of your sleep.

Here at VB HQ, we're always looking for ways to move! Lifts, jogs, stretch sessions, barre classes, HIIT circuits, cardio-core-dance-step bootcamps — there are so many ways to embrace exercise as a form of resiliency and release. We wanted to specially design styles for starting a new schedule or keeping a routine going strong. 

Our Digital Account Coordinator, Hannah Aurich, inspires us to find some balance and peace of mind. Even a quick yoga flow can make beginning the day, taking an afternoon break or winding down before bed so much better! Hannah's gearing up here with some of our latest arrivals.

However you like to stay active, we have your schedule in mind. Explore some of our new arrivals, from eco-friendly gym bags to comfortable Leggings

You can find your own peace and settle into shavasana with a Yoga Mat that makes your practice so pretty. Stretching out on a soft surface keeps every pose comfortable, plus protects your body from injury and stress. 

Your busiest days call for versatile styles, like layers that easily move from studio to street. A Sporty Fleece Pullover has a plush fabrication for your barre warm-up, plus the most fun print for brunch with friends afterward. 

It's easier to fit in a quick walk or workout when you're already wearing just the right Leggings! This pair has a comfortable high waist that moves with you, plus a pocket that's perfect for your phone or earbuds.

Explore more ReActive styles, apparel and accessories! There's so much to see, from a Tote Bag that's helping save more than 7.1 million plastic bottles (and counting!) from going into oceans and landfills to a Yoga Towel that stays in place through your entire practice for increased security and stability. You'll be set for goal setting (and achieving!) in the new year.