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Renee's Expert Advice for Every Kind of Packer

Posted by Ava Kuhn on

When it comes to packing, there are three kinds of people: the folders, the rollers and the stuffers. The folder's packing style is the tried and true way to organize for travel, while the rollers are always looking to maximize on space and the stuffers ... well, they are simply trying to fit as much as possible in their bag! With no right or wrong way to pack for your getaways, Renee Stoffel, our design director of travel and studio, is here to share the perfect weekend travel bags for every kind of packer.

Pro Packing Tip: To my fellow over-packers, use the right travel organizers and travel accessories. I love the packing cubes to compress and organize your travel items!

For the Folder:
 ReActive Travel Duffel Bag

If the classic folding style is your preferred method of packing, the ReActive Travel Duffel Bag is clever companion for you. It has a U-zip opening that makes planning and adding items so much simpler, plus the perfect number of pockets and a trolley sleeve. The best bonus: This style is convertible! With the switch of a removable strap, you can choose between a handled carry bag or a convenient crossbody.

"The ReActive Travel Duffel Bag is for that very organized person who wants to pack flat and easily see and access items." — Renee

For the Roller: Utility Travel Bag

For the no-nonsense rollers, the Utility Travel Bag is a smart choice for overnight trips and quick getaways. While compact for that minimalist packing style, the Utility Travel Bag still boasts prime organization with a flap pocket and two zip pockets on the outside and two slip pockets on the inside. Tuck your tech into the laptop compartment and you're on your way!

"My other new favorite is the Utility Travel Bag, which is great for all those last-minute items ... or in my case, toys and other things my toddler needs." — Renee

For the Stuffer: Grand Weekender Travel Bag

The Grand Weekender Travel Bag's simple silhouette is what makes this a stuffer's dream. Its loose structure and durable construction makes it easier than ever to always squeeze in one more item. While its main compartment is ultra-spacious, it still has the pockets you love on on the outside and five mesh pockets on the inside.

"I would have to say my go-to for packing is a classic Grand Weekender Travel Bag. I am a serious over-packer, and I know I can cram a ton into there." — Renee