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Seven Gifts Everyone on Your List Will Adore

Posted by Ava Kuhn on

There are some select gifts that almost everyone enjoys. We're always thinking about presents that are super cozy, beautifully designed, or practical in a way that makes every day easier. Whatever their crowd-pleasing appeal, gift-givers truly appreciate these universally loved gifts (because who doesn't want to take the guesswork out of the present process?).

One of the best gifting strategies we’ve found for guaranteeing the gift is a hit is to buy in multiples when you discover something that you know lots of people on your list will love. If the item comes in a variety of colors, pick up an array of hues or patterns. Save a few extras for birthdays, hostess gifts and other token-worthy occasions like anniversaries and graduations. There’s no shame in keeping a stockpile of gifts to have at the ready when a gifting occasion arises! A thoughtful gift is a thoughtful gift regardless of its purchase date.

Another strategy we’ve used is to stay up on the latest and greatest trends and gadgets that emerge over the course of the year. Jot down anyone on your gifting list who might be a good candidate for whatever it might be. Again, there’s no shame in giving the same gift to more than one person. If it’s a gift you know they’ll love, then you’ve fulfilled your mission!

With that in mind, here are a few universally loved gift ideas to get you well on your way to shopping for all those special someones. Explore our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide and you’re one step closer to achieving “gift guru” status!

1. The Gift of Comfort

Comfy pajamas and slippers are always a hit. We love them for helping to decompress after a long day or when we’re feeling a little under the weather. Who can resist something that feels like wearing a cloud? We also love the gift of a soft throw blanket. You can keep these in your reading or TV areas, at the end of your bed, or in your car or office for when temps drop and you need something toasty.

Woman standing next to window wearing red plaid fleece robe holding coffee mug

2. The Gift of Food

Whether it’s a canister of home-baked goodies or a sampler of sweets, you have a sure-fire hit with favorite foods and beverages. During the holidays, we like to look for flavors like gingerbread, eggnog, and peppermint. If your recipient is a foodie, they’ll especially appreciate unusual savory-sweet combinations like flavored salted caramels or cookies baked with fresh rosemary and topped with pine nuts. Take them on a culinary adventure and warm their hearts while you’re in the process.

3. The Gift of Holiday Home Décor

Many families keep the tradition of giving ornaments to each member at Christmas. It’s always fun to have something sparkly and new to make the tree more beautiful. We’ve also found that our friends and family love getting special styles to spruce up their holiday home décor. From festive kitchen accessories to stylish tabletop napkins and placemats, gifting something they can enjoy throughout the season and for years to come feels nothing short of magical.

Place-settings with placemats and napkins featuring gold filigree design

4. The Gadget Gift

A safe bet for so many gift recipients? Tech accessories that help out with day-to-day routines! From chargers to cord organizers and laptop-ready backpacks, anyone devoted to the digital age will turn to these gifts year-round. Gadget gifts can make great stocking stuffers, too. Include smaller items like PopSockets® that are sure to be appreciated!

5. The Gift of Credit

Okay, not the most imaginative gift out there, but a Gift Card or an E-Gift Card flawlessly works in a pinch when you’re short on ideas or you don’t have much time to shop. It’s a great gift option for college students and anyone on a budget. The trick is to make sure it’s for a retailer, service or restaurant the giftee is a big fan of. You can also get more creative and make it something they wouldn’t expect to get. It can be something that’s not tangible like audiobooks, movie downloads, even a round of golf or a day at the spa.

6. The Artful Gift

Handmade works of art can turn a gift into a treasured keepsake. Look for small paintings or pottery at craft fairs and local shops. You’ll often be able to include a note from the artist for a special touch. Small hand-crafted artwork doesn’t have to be expensive to serve as a great reminder of your friendship when displayed in the recipient’s home.

7. The Gift of Philanthropy

The ultimate gift? Paying it forward. Chances are, your special someone is passionate about a few causes. Your job is to play detective and find out which organizations they would love to help. Websites like allow you to purchase a gift card to a specific charity and even search for causes by philanthropic category. It’s the ultimate feel-good gift and a great reminder of the true spirit of the holidays.

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