Sustainable Backpacks

Feel good and help to do good by selecting a backpack made of sustainably-sourced materials like recycled plastic bottles saved from oceans and landfills. Innovative design is built into every durable, lightweight, water-repellent ReActive pack. It's the best of both worlds — stylish and smart!

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Recycled Backpacks

Ready for eco-friendly favorites?  We're innovating our designs, materials, and how our products are made to contribute toward a healthier planet. Our big goal? To update 100% of our fabrics to more sustainable alternatives by 2025.

Recycled Cotton and bottle-saving ReActive are here to help you invest in our earth and find consciously crafted styles that don't sacrifice color, comfort or convenience. Our sustainable backpacks and recycled backpacks feature stand-out patterns and colors, ergonomic designs and plenty of perfectly placed pockets. Recycled Cotton is available in our signature quilted fabrication and cotton solids. It’s all in the blend — 50% conventional cotton and 50% recycled cotton create the soft handfeel and real-world performance we all love. By using these fibers, we're giving discarded materials new life and consuming fewer environmental resources. ReActive is made from recycled plastic bottles and contributes to styles that are lightweight and durable. This innovative material is also water-repellent and easily wipes clean, making it perfect for beach bags, gym bags and travel bags too.
By choosing a sustainable backpack, you're helping build a brighter future and a better environment for all!
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