Mother's Day Gifts

This Mother's Day, let's come together and celebrate all the mamas out there making it happen. Juggling the home stuff ... and the homeschool stuff. The work ... and work from home. The online rehearsals, the Zoom meetups and the socially distanced playdates. The ones making the most of these wonderful-yet-weird days and the ones who are right alongside you for an assist.

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For your mom
For the One Who ...

Keeps It All Together

She carries the day (and a well-organized handbag) and always has just what you need: a safety pin, an emergency hair tie … and all the snacks! Gift her a new tote or handbag that’s as well-organized and ready to take on the day as she is.

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For the One Who ...

Is Always on the Go

Somehow she always makes it all happen — from work, family, kids ... to finding time to pop over with a surprise porch delivery or plan an impromptu virtual happy hour. Give her a hand with the go-to crossbody bags and backpacks busy women swear by.

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For the One Who ...

Is Up for Every Adventure

From pack-up-the-car-and-go day trips to well-planned, COVID-friendly itineraries, she’s still your trusted trip-planning companion. Inspire her next well-deserved getaway with these easygoing travel bags and accessories.

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For the One Who ...

Needs a Moment to Herself

She works so hard and does so much and you're so thankful for everything. Give her a moment to indulge in a little self-care with cozy styles that are sure to make her feel loved and appreciated this Mother’s Day.

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P.S. See something you love? Go for it — gift yourself. You so deserve it!

Vera Tote Bag

signature cotton
$100 - $110
16 Patterns Available

Lay Flat Travel Duffel Bag

performance twill
$115.50 – $165
4 Colors Available

Weekender Travel Bag

$105 – $150
3 Colors and 4 Patterns Available
Make it Hers (or Yours!)  Add the thoughtful touch of a mark, monogram or personalized blanket tag. Order by May 1 to get it in time for Mother's Day!  Explore Personalization
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