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11 Thoughtful Gifts for the Minimalists on Your List

Posted by Ava Kuhn on

She believes "less is more", loves a capsule wardrobe and devotes time to actual meditation — chances are you know her! For gift lists that have a few minimalists included, holiday shopping can be a little tricky (and no amount of deep breaths seem to help find the perfect present).

The minimalist tends to acquire only what’s necessary and practical in her daily life, with maybe a few keepsakes and sentimental objects included in the mix. That's all good and we admire her simplified way of living, but, for those reasons, gifting becomes a tricky proposition. In general, gifting someone who doesn't put a high value on "stuff" is a tall order.

To get one step closer to landing the perfect gift, we've carefully curated a list of our favorite minimalist-friendly gifts this season. Browse 11 idea starters we think your minimalist with truly love.

1. Donations to a Favorite Charity

Gaining in popularity is the gift of paying it forward. Help your minimalist support causes they care greatly about with donations to organizations or gift cards to businesses that support specific non-profits. You can also keep an eye out for GoFundMe or Facebook Fundraisers that they advocate for to learn how you can help them help others.

If she has been affected by breast cancer or knows someone who has, check out the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer and learn how you can contribute to the fight for a cure.

2. Healthy Cookbooks

There's a cookbook out there to please every palate and appeal to every minimalist who likes to take her DIY skills into the kitchen. We like cookbooks with nutritional information and big glossy photos for added inspiration. You can also find cookbooks from restaurants or chefs in her favorite destination cities to help her recreate her most memorable places at home.

Pair the cookbook with a functional yet fashionable apron that she can use in the kitchen for years to come.

Model wearing apron with red Vera Bradley pattern

3. Potted Plants

A beautiful tropical plant in a decorative planter is a win-win kind of gift for the minimalist. It’s beautiful to look at, simple to care for and helps to purify the air, which can promote all-around wellness. Besides, bringing a little greenery into a spartan space in the wintertime can do a lot to keep spirits high.

4. Art

Whether a watercolor painting or a beautiful ceramic bowl for the coffee table, giving the gift of art is personal and for the most part, permanent, with lasting value (something the minimalist appreciates). It’s something your loved one will cherish for a long time.

5. Desk Essentials

Desk organizers and stationery essentials (like planners!) are great gifts for anyone who needs to keep projects in order. A good desk organizer helps prevent clutter and reserves a space for everything — calendar, pens, paperclips, notepaper — which, for the minimalist, stays in keeping with their function-meets-form lifestyle.

6. A Backpack

Help your minimalist whittle down their wardrobe and use only what they really need with a smart bag packed full of helpful, must-have features! A small backpack, especially when it's equipped with the right pockets and compartments for all of their gear, would make a great gift. From washable bags to weather-friendly fabrics, a well-made backpack will withstand long commutes and travel days all while looking so stylish.

Small water-repellant black quilted backpack

7. A Knitting Starter Kit

We know, but hear us out! Knitting is a great stress-reducing activity AND a creative outlet that produces beautiful results. Learning to create one-of-a-kind scarves and sweaters by hand will satisfy the DIYer in nearly every minimalist. A good starter kit includes needles, an assortment of yarns and how-to instructions. You could even include a gift card for an "Introduction to Knitting" class, dropped into one of our multifunction tote bags to help organize the yarn and accessories.

8. Yoga or Meditation Classes

A yoga or meditation class can be just what the doctor ordered after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Finding healthy ways to unwind and decompress should appeal to a wellness-minded individual. Most gyms and studios offer gift certificates for a series of classes. Find out what your minimalist likes best or has been wanting to try and give them the motivation they need to pursue their path.

9. Journals

A personal journal is just the right gift for anyone trying to lessen their screen time or set their intentions, thoughts, hopes and dreams. Journaling has been shown to have many health benefits like reducing stress, keeping your memory sharp and even improving your overall immune function. This is a great gift for anyone on your list!

Black notebook with pink floral paisley pattern

10. Reusable Water Bottles

reusable water bottle or tumbler is excellent for a student or commuter who spends a lot of time away from home. In the sea of water bottles available in stores today, look for one that’s durable, BPA-free and can either fit in a bottle cubby or has a handle that can be clipped to a backpack or commuter bag.

11. A Subscription-based Box

This is a gift that keeps on giving! Your loved one will delight in getting a new box in the mail every month. There's a subscription-based box for every sort of minimalist, from foodies looking for new recipe ideas to bookworms browsing titles for a book of the month. All that's left to do is sleuth out their hobbies and interests and get them started!