Start the day in cozy comfort with our sleepwear collection. Our women's pajama sets and robes have been thoughtfully designed with just the right touches in fabric you'll love. Irresistibly soft and playfully patterned, you may just want to stay in pajamas all day.

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Fleece Pajamas, Robes and more

How to make every morning ritual and evening routine amazing? The solution is simple! Comfy and (of course) colorful sleepwear is the best. Staying in and sleeping in, catching up on a show and diving into another chapter, finding all the ways to enjoy the little moments ... so many things are instantly improved with fleece pajamas, fleece robes, slippers and more. 


Our sleepwear is made from super-soft materials, like go-to cotton, snuggly jersey-knit and fan-favorite fleece. For ten years, we've been fine-tuning our fleece to be the best — and the brightest — with the plushest fabrication that captures colors beautifully. It's toasty warm, plus so easy to care for! This machine-washable fleece cleans up in no time for another home-cooked brunch or movie marathon. 


Sleepwear truly elevates the everyday. Wrapping up in a robe and stepping into slippers makes all activities feel luxurious! You can treat yourself to these restful essentials or give the sweetest gift to a friend. Our advice? Create a relaxing, spa-worthy bundle! You can pick up sleepwear, socks, candles, journals, bath bombs or shower gels ... anything that will instantly pamper. This memorable and thoughtful package is sure to spark a smile.