Checked Luggage

The words every overpacker loves to hear: "You can never be too prepared!" We totally get it, which is why our checked luggage has space for essentials AND all the extras. The best part? These large suitcases are easy to maneuver and durable, lightweight designs make travel a breeze with these go-to styles.

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Large Suitcases

Let's be real ... no one looks at their packed luggage and thinks, "Wow, that's less than I thought I would bring!" There's always one more pair of shoes or an extra accessory that we (over)pack for vacation. We know that organization and adequate space are so important, especially during longer stays. That's why our checked luggage is made with your getaways in mind! Featuring must-have fabrications, ingenious details and favorite patterns and colors, this curated collection aces every travel test.

Find the perfect piece of checked baggage for wherever you're headed, from beach getaways to home visits during the holidays. Our luggage is available in a variety of sizes, as well as bundled in convenient sets for wherever your travels take you. Hardside and softside luggage both offer durability and dependability at the airport. These styles stand the test of time to look pretty and polished long after their first trip.

Featuring lightweight designs, swivel wheels and telescoping handles, our luggage is easy to maneuver. It also has TSA-compliant locks to keep your belongings secure (some with integrated USB ports for charging your tech!). Zip-out linings can be machine-washed right after you unpack to stay clean and sanitized. Pack the extra shoes and bring back souvenirs, too — our checked luggage has it all sorted out.

Checked Luggage