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How to Pack Seven Days in a Backpack

Posted by Adele Poudrier on

When it comes to packing, there are over-packers, savvy packers, minimalists and then there’s Adele. Our Social Media Coordinator takes smart and minimalist packing to the next level with the ability to pack over a week’s worth of items in one bag. Fresh out of college, Adele has been on many international and domestic trips where she packed everything she needed in just a backpack. As travel and packing enthusiasts ourselves, we had to know how she managed to do it! Watch as Adele shares her top packing hacks and how she used the Journey Backpack for her seven-day spring break trip!


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social media coordinator

favorite bag: lighten up journey backpack


“When it comes to your toiletries and make-up, you’re going to want things to be all in one place. I like to use the Iconic Compact Hanging Organizer — it can hold all of those true essentials.”

“Call me old-fashioned, but I love to print off my tickets for all my flights and my itinerary. You never know when you’re going to have a technology glitch, so it’s really great to have these on hand. I like to unplug when I go on vacation, so instead of using the laptop sleeve for a tablet ... I’m going to go ahead and put my paper documents in there.”


“I like to tuck away my phone charger and earbuds in [the sunglasses compartment] so I have super easy access to them when I’m on the train or getting ready to go on a flight.”

“I like to use [the shoe compartment] for something a little different ... I put my dirty clothes in the Ditty Bag, roll it up to maximize space and zip it into the bottom to keep my clean and dirty clothes separate.”

“Do you have your phone? Do you have your passport? Do you have your wallet? If the answer is yes to those three things, you’re pretty much good to go anywhere.”

It’s not a secret that when you go on vacation you’re going to come back with more than you left with. For that you need a little extra space ... This pouch actually opens up into a full size tote!”



adele's packing list

1 pair of leggings

3 – 4 t-shirts


bralettes and undergarments



flip flops

daily toiletries


toothbrush and toothpaste

mini hairbrush


phone charger




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