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Searching for a bag that brightens every day? At home or away, for work and school, we have just what you need! Choose between solid colors that go perfectly with every outfit to vibrant patterns that show off your personality. Our collection of bags and handbags for women has every detail taken care of so that you can enjoy every moment — and make even more memories along the way!


We combine your feedback with our own experiences and an ever-expanding amount of research to create bags that truly make life better. Details like perfectly placed pockets, innovative organization and just the right drop strap make all the difference. Our fabrics are here to make a difference, too: Our big goal is to update 100% of them to more sustainable alternatives by 2025! We’re well on our way with bottle-saving ReActive and sustainably sourced Recycled Cotton. Water-repellent bags, washable bags, wear-with-anything bags, small to large to in between … we have it covered.


You need a bag that fits your unique needs. From a print that makes you smile every time to a pocket that perfectly holds your protein bar, your bag should cause that thought of, “This is SO me!” There are so many styles to choose from. Explore crossbody bags, tote bags, lunch bags, mini bags, baby bags, laptop bags, shoulder bags, belt bags and more, all ready to spark a smile.