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How to Wash Your Bag: We've Got Questions, Laura Has Answers!

Posted by Adele Poudrier on

We've all experienced the heartbreak that is spilling or splashing a not-so-cute stain onto our favorite items. Instead of admitting defeat to these stubborn spots, our Quality and Compliance Manager Laura is here with really good news: We've totally got you covered. How so?

Because all of our styles were designed with easy care in mind — some are even machine washable! We want our bags by your side for years to come, so Laura is here to share our top tips for keeping your Vera Bradley bag looking brand new.

Laura says, "In order to lengthen the lifecycle of our products, they need to be able to be easily cleaned ... and cleaned appropriately to maintain their original quality. In Quality, we do A LOT of testing, and these how-tos are the results of hundred and hundreds of tests."

How to Wash Your Backpack or Bag

Please note, while most are, not all of our cottons bags are machine washable. Due to construction and hardware, some should be spot cleaned. Please double-check your style on for specific instructions for your piece.

Laura's Pro Tip: "Washing our products only when necessary and always with cold water will not only help to lengthen the life of your style, it will make a positive impact on the environment."

Laura's Pro Tip: "When air-drying your bag, unzip all the zippers and open all the compartments for good air flow."

Laura's Pro Tip: "A lot of our microfiber bag styles are machine washable. Double-check your bag on for specific instructions by style."

Laura's Pro Tip: "Care instructions for specific styles can be found on our website. It's your go-to for care tips!"