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Introducing Our Latest Innovation: Performance Twill

Posted by Adele Poudrier on

Fall is *almost* here and so is our latest innovation! Our new Performance Twill Collection features classic silhouettes you know and love updated with a new water-repellent fabric. However, these styles were designed with a modern twist: Larger-scale quilting and nylon zippers. Essentially, Performance Twill was created using the things you love and need in a bag — but what exactly is Performance Twill? We went straight to the source and met with Senior Designer Kim Tran to answer all of our burning questions about the new Performance Twill Collection.


 Tell us about Performance Twill! How is it different from current and previous collections?

“In a great way, it's not too different! It’s lightweight, tactile, functional, casual and versatile. That’s how we approach all of our product lines. The new detailing is what differentiates it from other collections — a larger 2” diamond quilt, tumbled nickel hardware, matching metal logo plaques, textured ribbon pullers, metal-like zippers and of course, water-repellent fabric.”

What inspired the team to create the Performance Twill collection?

“The number one inspiration would be the need to innovate with fabrics to fit our customer needs.”

What are three words that best describe Performance Twill?

“Versatile, functional, attractive.”


Who is Performance Twill designed for?

“No joke, everyone. Performance Twill is sleek, but not boring; functional, but still pretty; professional, but still casual. I can’t see anyone NOT being able to find at least one or two (or more) styles that resonate with them!”

Lastly, which Performance Twill style is your personal favorite?

“Probably the new Campus Backpack. I like the new wider front pocket and the soft straps. I also like the new back-zip pocket to keep important items close to the body.”

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