Pairing breezy beachside vibes with our own signature style, this limited-edition collection of Pura Vida bracelets is simply sensational. Wear a few favorites layered together to create your perfect look!

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Pura Vida Bracelets

Share what you love, start conversations and add a colorful accessory to your outfit with a bracelet collection tied to so many amazing causes! This assortment combines Pura Vida's instantly-recognizable beachside vibe with our signature style for an array of options in so many hues — and they're all associated with organizations and foundations so close to our hearts.

The beauty of these boho beach bracelets extends beyond what initially meets the eye. The colors are captivating, but there's a bigger message that takes place! With the purchase of a bracelet, you're directly supporting a group or charity that works toward the causes you value the most. You can wear the bracelet yourself, or give to a friend as a sign of recognition or support. Either way, you're showing how much you care.

There are endless ways to wear these multi-string bracelets. They're perfect for women and men and designed for all ages. Thanks to their simplistic styling, anyone can wear them to any event. We can't think of another accessory that easily transitions from your morning workout to your commute to work! Wear one on its own or stack multiple at once. We love to mix and match! Before long, you're sure to have your own collection of Pura Vida bracelets that make every day brighter.