What distinguishes Vera Bradley sunglasses from the rest? You get the bright colors and exclusive patterns you love paired with polarized lenses for clearer vision and less eye strain. Our shades complement everything from beachwear to executive apparel to everyday outfits. Choose your new favorite pair of sunglasses today!

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Floral Sunglasses

On our can't-miss list: sunglasses that are perfect for lounging by the pool and protecting vision during day-to-day errands! Beaches, backyards and busy sidewalks are all more enjoyable with a trusted pair of sunglasses that make you feel your best and look on the sunny side. "Eye" could make so many jokes about glasses here, but they tend to be quite "polarizing", so we'll jump into what makes our sunglasses so "spec"-tacular instead.

From sleek aviators to oversized shades, we have sunglasses in a variety of silhouettes and styles to suit you well and show off your unique personal style. Discover tinted lenses in brown, blue or purple shades, with gradients and fading that add extra details. Some frames feature prints front and center, while others have patterned legs for a fun nod to your favorite seasonal styles. No matter which hues you choose, these glasses are sure to elevate any look!

There are so many different kinds of floral sunglasses to discover, like polarized pairs or reading sunglasses with magnification incorporated right in (no more juggling your sunglasses AND readers on summer days — yes, that look, the one where you wear your sunglasses on your head while you use your readers. We've been there, too). With lens magnification powers of +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50, you're sure to find just the right fit for you. Store your sunglasses in one of our glasses cases and you're ready to go!