XL Backpacks

Our extra-large backpacks are the best way to conquer the day in style! These spacious bags have enough room to carry everything you need, with functional pockets to keep it organized. Find the perfect XL backpack and enjoy all the comfort, color and practicality that comes with it.

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Extra Large Backpacks

Bring it all colorfully — and comfortably, too! Our XL backpacks are the number one way to take on the day. Perfect for those that like to pack extras (we get it — you might need a jacket! Or your phone charger! Or a snack!), these extra-roomy backpacks are spacious enough to carry everything you need for your busy schedule.

These sized-up versions of our best-selling styles offer all of the same functionality and organization, now with even more spaces and places to pack. Protect your tech with a padded laptop compartment that keeps your computer safe. Specially designed fits with padded shoulder straps and backs make every journey all the more comfortable. Don't forget the plethora of perks our innovative fabrications provide, including extra-large backpacks that are lightweight, durable, washable or water-repellent.

For work, school and travel, these styles can help you handle it all. Full schedules are fully taken care of — seamlessly transition between activities without the need to stop at home or bring an extra bag. Extra-large backpacks are the perfect choice for those involved in extracurriculars, sports and clubs. Now you can bring along everything you need without worry that an item is getting left behind.

For carrying it all and keeping it so organized, too, opt for an XL backpack that makes every routine easier.

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