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Choose the Right Weekender Bag for Every Trip

Posted by Adele Poudrier on

While we love all of our travel bags, we have a soft spot for our Weekenders. We have a lot of history with this timeless silhouette. We’ve filled this bag to the brim with outfits, toiletries, cosmetic bags, chargers and more for weekend trips. The name is intentional with our Iconic Weekender Travel Bag that's just the right size for those Friday – Sunday getaways. However, we know you love this style just as much as we do, and need it in a size that works for day trips and excursions that last more than a few days. So we’re breaking down the capacity and perks of each Weekender in the collection so you know which is right for your travel style and trip.


iconic compact weekender travel bag

great for

 A one-day business trip, sleepovers or holding your gym essentials

pairs well with

The Iconic Compact Hanging Organizer that holds just the right amount of toiletries and make-up for a speedy trip

what it fits

 An outfit and shoes fit perfectly in the main compartment with even more room for smaller essentials like your chargers, glasses case and socks in those interior mesh pockets.


Some trips are just quick overnight getaways and for those excursions we suggest the Iconic Compact Weekender Travel Bag. Don’t worry, the trolley sleeve, three exterior zip pockets and removable strap of the Iconic Weekender Travel Bag are still there. This style is simply sized down to take up less space in your trunk or the overhead compartment on a plane.

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iconic weekender travel bag 

great for

A two to three day visit to the parents, a bachelorette party or a weekend getaway

pairs well with

The Iconic Hanging Organizer of course!

what it fits

Three outfits, shoes, an Iconic Medium Cosmetic and Iconic Hanging Organizer

You can't go wrong with the OG Weekender. This carry-on compliant sidekick is a lifesaver when you’re headed out of town. You’ll have easy access to a book or charger to help you get through the journey, considering they both fit perfectly in the exterior pockets. While it’s easy to fill your Weekender to the brim, try to pack light. When do you ever come back from a weekend trip without a little something new?!


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iconic grand weekender travel bag 

great for

A three to four day trip, packing for two in one bag for a weekend getaway or overpackers (no judgement!)

pairs well with

The Iconic Grand Hanging Organizer which fits full-sized shampoo and body wash bottles (GAME CHANGER)

what it fits

Four outfits, Iconic Large Blush and Brush Case, Iconic Grand Hanging Organizer, chargers and then some!

What’s better than a classic like the weekender? The Weekender made even bigger! No matter what your trip is, the Iconic Grand Weekender Travel Bag is sure to carry everything you need and still have space left over. We love using the Grand Weekender for our checked bag to carry all of our essentials and the new finds we bring home with us.

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