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The Ultimate Lunch Bag Comparison Guide

Posted by Adele Poudrier on

Now that August has arrived, our back-to-school fever is in full force! Over the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing tips and guides to help you find everything you need to go back to school in style. Next up — our lunch bag comparison guide! This year we have four styles, five fabrications and countless colors to choose from, making your decision tougher than ever. Don’t worry — whether you're heading back to school or looking to brighten up the break room, we’re dishing all of the details to help you select the right lunch bag below. 


iconic lunch bunch

available in: cotton, microfiber, denim and pearlized 

starting at $35

This classic lunch bag style has an option for everyone, offered in our signature cotton patterns, denim and a shimmery pearlized finish. Between the easy-to-recognize exterior and the handy ID window on the side, you’ll never mix up your lunch bag in the break room ever again. The Iconic Lunch Bunch is the perfect size for your typical lunch with enough room to add a small drink and snack for later!


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iconic stay cooler

available in: cotton


If you love our signature cotton prints, but need a larger lunch bag, meet our Iconic Stay Cooler. Whether you love a good frozen meal or pack heavy on the snacks, this lunch bag can fit it all! Plus, the adjustable strap allows you to sling this over your shoulder on your way into the office to keep your hands free (for that venti soy latté, of course).


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lighten up lunch cooler

available in: lighten up solid and pattern


If you love our Lighten Up fabric, you’re in luck! Our Lighten Up Lunch Cooler features the same lightweight, durable and water-repellent fabric as your favorite backpack, with a convenient wipeable interior for easy cleanups. Toss your apple, sparkling water and delicious leftovers in this small cooler bag, then zip up your reusable straw and utensils in the front pocket!


lighten up lunch tote

available in: lighten up solid, heather and pattern 


Our largest lunch bag style is the new Lighten Up Lunch Tote. With the capacity to hold up to 8 liters of contents, this is the queen of all lunch bags! You’ll be able to easily fit your meal, drink, piece of fruit and a few snacks for later. The Lunch Tote also features an ID window, water-repellent fabric and wipeable lining, with the addition of the easy buckle closure.


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