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Discover the latest in innovative backpack designs for every stop in your schedule! Elevate your day with smart organization, joyful patterns, and trending colors. Whether you need a backpack for school, travel or everyday use, we have just the bag you're looking for!

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Backpacks for School, Travel, Laptops and More

Backpacks are the most versatile, most convenient and most organized way to bring everything you need for your day — which is why we've made sure that every detail has been designed with all of the added ease and your favorite features in mind! We have backpacks for school and options that go beyond carrying books, like laptop backpacks and travel backpacks. These styles are ready to take on the day. No matter what events are on your
agenda, go hands-free with a backpack that has plenty of perks.

Explore fabrications that are lightweight and washable. Recycled Cotton has everything you know and love about our go-to fabrication — the softness, the comfort, the vibrancy — and now the exterior fabric is made with 50% recycled cotton fibers. Water-repellant ReActive is a durable option for travel and waterside activities. Every ReActive style is made with 50% recycled plastic exterior fabric and wipes clean for easy care. Performance Twill is a perfect pick for commuting to the office, or taking on a weekend trip as it truly stands the test of time. Each fabrication is available in lots of patterns and colors so you can fully express your personal style. 

Another bonus? Our ergonomic backpacks are designed with padded backs and shoulder straps for added comfort. No matter your plans, our backpacks are here to help you stay organized and stylish!

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