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Oh What Fun: The Making of Vera Bradley + Peanuts

Posted by Ava Kuhn on

The happiest season of all holds so many things we love, like being together, celebrating each other and reminiscing on memories we treasure most. We knew that this year called for a one-of-a-kind collaboration that would offer joy and nostalgia like never before!

Introducing Vera Bradley + Peanuts®, the most fun combination of favorite characters and playful prints. Cheers to new patterns, new styles, AND our very first set of family pajamas — cue the cutest holiday photos!

How did this friendship begin? Get all of the details from Stephanie Lawrence, our vice president of licensing, and Liz Brinkley, Peanuts' vice president of fashion collaborations and softlines.

Stephanie: This year, we wanted to head into the holidays with something so happy. You can't help but instantly think of Peanuts when you start planning winter fun — it's such a classic cast! We knew this kind of collaboration would make the season even brighter.

Liz: It's important to find a collaborator who can identify the iconic elements of their brand and blend it with what is most authentic to Peanuts. Vera Bradley designed a collection that perfectly captures holiday fun with Peanuts using their incredible talent to create these beautiful patterns.

Peanuts was a favorite from our community. There was so much excitement around a collab ... we just knew we had to make this happen!

Liz: I love that this collection is so obviously Peanuts and also so obviously Vera Bradley.

Stephanie: Both names are classic and beloved. Vera Bradley and Peanuts just have that optimistic outlook.

Liz: Each brand has brought newness to the other and yet work perfectly together. The patterns really highlight the fun and nostalgia of Peanuts in a stylish collection that is so iconic!

Stephanie: There are SO many surprises in this collection. These patterns have the best little details! I love Snoopy and Woodstock flying on the sled with their stocking caps flapping in the wind. It always catches my eye!

Liz: Personally … I absolutely love Woodstock on the ski lift.  So unbelievably cute!  AND something I have never seen before!

Stephanie: Fun fact: This is actually our very first set of sleepwear for the whole family! It was the perfect partnership and just the right time of year to design pajamas for everyone from babies to adults.

Liz: Family sleepwear is such a great way of celebrating the extra time we're all spending at home with our families — and of course provides an incredible opportunity for a holiday card or social media post. I hope lots of families will be wearing their pajamas for this year’s viewing of A Charlie Brown Christmas!

Stephanie: I love these styles. They're simply adorable. You smile every time you see them!

Liz: The entire collection makes me smile, and I know it will bring joy to a lot of Vera Bradley and Peanuts fans this holiday season.

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