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5 Tips for Having the Best Road Trip Ever

Posted by Adele Poudrier on

Our favorite kind of summer vacation is the impromptu road trip. Road trips are unique in that your time spent getting there is an experience in itself. Two Vera Bradley associates and best friends, Adele and Madi, are currently planning their big summer road trip to visit a mutual friend in Washington, D.C. Adele and Madi have very different packing styles, but complement each other well with their unique packing tips. Before you head off on your next road trip, set yourself up for success and get Adele and Madi’s tips for having the best girls’ road trip ever.


see adele and madi’s packing tips


the overpacker

job: wholesale sales coordinator

favorite bag: iconic grand weekender travel bag

“I pack for every situation and every type of weather!”



the minimalist

job: social media coordinator

favorite bag: midtown travel bag

“I always see what Madi has already packed and coordinate my packing list, too, so we don’t have any duplicates. I can definitely borrow her blow dryer or sunscreen so we can maximize on space.”


“I start packing weeks in advance before a trip. I also like to write out each outfit I’m going to wear on each day and throw a couple extra outfits in there just in case!”
- Madi

“My favorite part of the Midtown Travel Bag would have to be this bottom shoe compartment. I’m obviously going to wear a pair of shoes on the trip, but I’m also going to bring a nice, comfy pair of shoes to walk around the city in and a pair of flip flops for the pool.”
- Adele


“A pro tip for packing is rolling all of your clothes and packing them in reverse order that you’re going to wear them.”
- Madi

“The Lighten Up Sling Backpack is small, but mighty! It has four separate compartments. There’s these two up front for your phone, wallet and keys. You also have this main compartment which is big enough to carry something like a light sweater or a book — and you have an additional hidden pocket in the back!”
– Adele

overpacker packing list

2 dresses
4 – 5 tops
jean shorts
4 pairs of shoes (sneakers, flip flops, 2 pairs sandals)
daily toiletries (full sized)
curling iron and hair dryer
phone charger
car snacks
fleece travel blanket
mini umbrella
beach bag and towels


minimalist packing list

jean shorts
pull-on shorts
3 – 4 tops
bralettes and undergarments
3 pairs of shoes (sneakers, flip flops, sandals)
daily toiletries (travel sized)
phone charger
packable duffel bag (for souvenirs)

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